Parody of the National Anthem of Russia

O, Cuba is Crying, and China is dying,
And Russia is playing the song of defeat,
For hindsight defeated, the bros have retreated,
Malarkey man slumbers in victory sweet!

Say now, oh orange one,
What has the virus done,
Could Bernie’s plans be already complete?

The bros could not save him,
The bots that they gave him,
Would only deprave him, the outcome he sought,

Establishment hoarders,
Obeying their orders,
and billionaire bankers, the party had bought!

What massive billions spent,
Top tenth of one percent,
Walmart, and Amazon to circumvent!

No healthcare could tie it,
The movement was quiet,
But now they will riot,
Milwaukee must burn!

No levels of violence,
The Commies can silence,
For they’re in defiance, the red shall return!

Bernie shall go to roam,
Which house shall be his home,
His ending akin to the falling of Rome!