Updated terms of service for EdgyIRC, Chwi.net Discord, and all relayed channels and Minetest servers.

Sections available: General, IRC, Minetest, Discord. You must always follow rules listed in “General”, Applicability of other sections depend on the service you are using.


This section applies to EdgyIRC, any channel or Minetest server relayed to EdgyIRC, in my Discord, or in any relayed Discord server.

1. Always follow the rules of any service connected to our services that you are in. This includes relayed discord servers, IRC channels and networks, and Minetest servers connected to EdgyIRC. Many services have additional rules.

2. Respect all staff. If you disagree with a staff member’s actions, either approach them respectfully and considerately, or talk to me.

3. Bullying, harassment, racism, homophobia, threats, hacking, libel, doxxing, or other similar behavior is NEVER allowed for ANY reason whatsoever. It is treated very seriously and is very strictly enforced. The dignity of everyone must be respected.

4. Activity illegal in the United States is not permitted, and can be reported in an appropriate manner.

5. No spamming, mass-highlighting, or ban-evading is permitted. If you have been banned from #Edgy1, the Discord server, or any related channel or Minetest server, and would like to appeal, please talk to Edgy1 or a co-owner.

6. Staff reserve the right to ban, kick, or mute anyone for any reason in connected services, regardless whether these terms of service have been violated or not. Appeal bans to Edgy1.

7. Logging of public chats in the public IRC channels, minetest public chat, or Discord servers is allowed. Logging of anything other than public chat is strictly prohibited. This includes private messages, in-game player locations, or IP addresses. IP addresses may only be logged by staff of the network or applicable service.

8. Sexual talk in public chat is not permitted. Please use public chat appropriately.

9. Freedom of speech is guaranteed, provided that it violates none of the previous rules stated in this document, and targets no one.

10. This page may change at any time without notice. Please check periodically.


1. Do not connect more clients at the same time than necessary.

2. Do not register more accounts than necessary.

3. Channel takeovers or mass-bans without authorization (if you are given +o) are NOT allowed.

4. Do not abuse bots, including network service bots such as ChanServ and NickServ, as well as channel bots such as trackr or lurk.

5. Always follow all channel-specific rules. Usually they can be found in “/topic” if they exist.


1. No griefing in any minetest server is allowed, unless the server’s rules state otherwise. Griefing is destroying another’s builds without their permission, or unnecessarily destroying the landscape.

2. Usage of modified clients or CSM’s that give you an unfair advantage are not permitted without permission of the respective server owner, unless the server’s rules say otherwise. Creating lag is NEVER allowed.

3. Follow all additional rules in the Minetest server you are using, and respect all staff. Chiwi.net is a collaborative network, and most of our Minetest servers are run by other people. Some servers will have stricter rules than others.


1. ALWAYS follow Discord terms of service while using Discord. Discord is a separate platform, and you must follow their rules on their platform.

2. Please keep chat on topic for the channel you are in.

3. Changing nicknames and/or profile photos to intentionally impersonate another user or bot in the channel is not allowed.

4. Dating or drama of any kind is not allowed in Chiwi.net Discord channels. Take it to other servers or direct messaging.

5. Do not add bots to any of our discord servers without permission of the server owner.