Trackr is an IRC bot that allows players to directly manage a minetest server from IRC. Trackr needs to be logged into a minetest server to work, and be granted elevated privileges. Anyone with channel operator status in a channel can manage all minetest servers in the channel. The following commands are applicable:

,players(anyone can run) list players in all servers
,badservers(anyone can run) list all servers trackr is not logged into
,kick player reasonkick “player” for “reason”
,warn player messagedisplay a warning formspec to “player”, with the description of “message”. if a player gets 3 warnings in a day, he or she is temporarily muted.
,tempmute player 2htemporarily mute “player” for 2 hours. 2 hours is the max, 1 minute is the minimum.
,mute playerpermanently mute “player”
,tempban player 2Dtempban “player” for 2 days
,unmute playerunmute “player”
,unban player@serverunbans “player” on “server”