Grand Theft Auto Minetest started in August of 2018 as an economy city server. This uses many rare and even custom mods. vehicles_lite (fork of vehicles), a light fork of laptop, rangedweapons, and a noisegrid mapgen are some of them. The map includes both hills and huge flat areas with automatically generated roads. Lots of fully-automatic train lines make travel automated and easy. There are also many different games and PVP arenas, adding lots of extra fun. There is even an insurgency-style arena complete with houses and tunnels, a hide-and-seek arena, and a unique leaf arena. Pacman, chess, and soccer are also included. Requires minetest 0.4 or equivalent.

address is port 48000

Server Admin: Ruslan1, Edgy1

Server Host: Ruslan1, Edgy1, MarissaG