Moonlight Falls is a captivating world of survival and magic, brimming with mysteries in every corner of the realm. As a player, your journey begins as a resident of Midnight Hollow, a town illuminated by the gentle embrace of the pale moonlight. Inhabited by kind-hearted individuals, the town offers a welcoming atmosphere. However, be cautious around certain groups of people; they can either kickstart your adventure with positivity or potentially complicate your stay. The choice is yours. Determine your mood, assemble your team, craft a plan, and immerse yourself in the experience!

Moonlight Falls presents a semi-anarchic and enchanting survival game featuring both PVP and PVE elements. With a well-curated and stable modset boasting a variety of blocks and features to explore, the game offers an enthralling experience. The map generation showcases a blend of ethereal and natural biomes, creating a visually appealing landscape. Additionally, the community comprises a dedicated team of builders, moderators, and players who can communicate in various languages, ensuring a diverse and engaging environment.

Join our community on discord and visit our world at port 30028


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