Address: port 48005 | supports minetest 0.4 or 5.0+

Survivalworks Urban Edition is an urban survival server with modern streets, cars, and automatic trains. It also has great survival tools, such as digtron for automated mining, xtraores, armor, and much more! SWUE is still under development and has not been fully built yet. If you build too close to spawn your building will be moved and you will be notified

The map is generated with the new carpathian mapgen, combined with ethereal next generation.

The server has many custom mods that gives a unique and enjoyable experience to all players.

WARNING: server is very heavy and will not work on many mobile clients. It is intended for computers.


Server admin: Edgy1

Server host: Edgy1

Other admins: DI3HARD139, sgik, olliy, kyra, lminus